WISCO Guide App for iPhone

WISCO Guide App for Android 

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We have features you can't find on a website or mobile website...

1)  It recogizes your location via your phone's internal GPS and gives you directions to all the stops from wherever you are.

2)  Access all the stops' profile pages where you can view their info, get directions from where your are, hit a call button, view their facebook and website.

3)  Check the weather and live-streaming radar.

4)  Push Notifications sent right to your phone to remind you of last minute events, specials, sales, and more.

5)  Browse all the businesses by proximity, name, city, category or county.

6)  Browse statewide events throughout Wisconsin.

7)  A Digital Discount at most stops!


Our FREE App is available on iTunes and Google Play!  Click the iPhone or Android text at the of this page to be taken to the App Stores!

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