One Package, One Year, One Price!

Just $265 to do it all!  And you also get 15 books to distribute at your location, a stamper, posters, door decals, flourescent window sign, and shipping!

The Industry, Your Time, and Your Money

The MOTORCYCLE industry is an enormous marketplace for buyers and sellers.  Billions of dollars are spent annually in North America with a huge impact on the economy as a whole...especially in Wisconsin.  This recreational activity supports millions of jobs and provide many state businesses with the money needed to sustain them throughout the year.  Thats a lot of power!

We don't require any passwords or logins to be associated with WISCO.  We do all the work so you can focus on your Business.  And research shows that most people will log in once and then it will fall to the wayside leaving their info outdated and inaccurate.  Nor do we rely on the Biker Community to build the network for us.  We never ask Riders to do our job for us.  While we're always getting leads on Biker-Friendly businesses, finding stops is what WE do.  If you're waiting for someone to take the time to promote your business, you could be waiting a while.  Riders want to RIDE.

WISCO's Triple Threat Marketing

The world is changing and the old ways of advertising in newspapers, television and radio have either become too expensive, limited in their reach or just not as effective as they used to be.  Why not choose an advertising vehicle that is cost effective, available 24 hours a day and hits a loyal, target market?  Marketing plans are a big puzzle...let Fays4 Media step up your presence and bring people to your business.  For one price, we get your business out there with a Printed Guide, this Website, and our Mobile App!

1 & 2.  Website & Mobile App Placement

Many Riders love planning trips and often turn to their computer to do so.  It may be late at night or they maybe they have a few minutes at work.  They could be planning for the weekend or even next Spring!

With nearly 175,000 hits per month on our Website, WISCO reigns supreme.  We have 6 years of getting riders all the information needed to research and plan.  We put your business info in front of riders and drive them to your facebook, website, and eventually your door.

There is no "logging in" or passwords to remember.  We give them a sneak peek and you can continue to manage your own social media and websites.  We'll just help direct them there.  

In keeping with technology, our Mobile App is at the forefront of Biker Travel and provides everything Riders need to have a successful trip:

- A GPS-based Map pointing out their exact location and all the WISCO stops.  Riders can zoom in or out to find the stops near them and beyond and get directions to those stops right on their phones!.

- All advertisers also discoverable by Business Name, Category, City, and County using these Search Options.

- A Profile Page for your business featuring:  1) A logo or photo.  2) Your Digital Discount.  3) A business description.  4)  Directions from their exact location.  5) Links to your website and/or facebook.  6) A call button.

- A Digital Discount for each stop. 

- Events Calendar for users to browse upcoming Events and set Alerts to remind them when they wish to be reminded of an event closer to its date.

- A Notes Page where they can keep track of their favorite stops, phone numbers of people they've met, reminders for later, and more.

- Links to your business Facebook & Website.

- One-touch Call Button to your business.

 - Weather & Radar with the touch of a button.

3.  The STATEWIDE Fun Run Book

Not everyone has smart phone and until they do, much of the market still prefers something they can "flip through" whether sitting in their hotel room wondering where to head off to or on their back patio enjoying a coffee and planning their day.  With tens of thousands of copies printed annually, the printed book is still a big chunk of the market.  In addition, riders recieve an entry to win prizes for every WISCO stop they make...even more encouragment to patronize your business!  We provide a box of books to sell or giveaway.  Retail price is $5.00 and your business keeps that money!


If you would like to learn more about what Wisco Guides can do for your business please call 920-205-4666 or drop us an email.  We also offer Banner Ads on our Website and Mobile App for even more exposure!

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